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Job Duties & Responsibilities: Under the direction of the Superintendent, the Assistant willprovide support at the jobsite for the following: 

  • Ensuring that all projects are performed in accordance with contractual and quality standards and meet code compliance.

  • Scheduling and directing the daily activities of work and taking necessary action to assure that the project objectives of cleanliness, safety, price, schedule, quality and process are met.

  • Development, procurement, and enforcement of safety policies and procedures.

  • Maintaining daily paperwork, field reports, schedule updates, and E-mail correspondence to keep the various people involved with the project informed of important issues.

  • Scheduling and managing material procurement and quantities.

  • Implementing incremental project schedules that ensure upcoming events are on track and being proactively addressed.

  • Conducting progress scheduling and precon and subcontractor meetings.


  • Must have experience in general contracting and multifamily wood framing, interior & exterior finishes, MEP systems, and structural concrete.

  • Must be able to manage employees and subcontractors and have strong leadership skills.

  • Must have thorough knowledge of OSHA requirements for construction safety.

  • Must be able to read and decipher construction documents.

  • Must be able to identify quality workmanship as it relates to building codes, industry standards, and contract documents.

  • Must be able to produce, maintain, and direct the project schedule.

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